About Us

At Genesis Platform, developed by Falcon Wise, we are committed to revolutionizing Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM). Our mission is to provide businesses with deep, actionable risk insights, helping them navigate the complexities of third-party vendor and service provider relationships with confidence and security.

Using artificial intelligence, we deliver real-time, comprehensive assessments of vendor risks. Our dual-scan approach includes the Outside-In Scan for identifying external vulnerabilities and the Inside-Out Scan for evaluating internal cybersecurity controls and automating standard questionnaires like SIG, CAIQ, and CIS. This provides a 360° view, enabling informed decisions. We also offer actionable remediation plans to help vendors improve their security posture.

What Sets Us Apart


Genesis is built upon the ambition of a team comprising young, talented individuals, each possessing a unique set of skills and talents. This drive fuels our commitment to excellence in the field of cybersecurity.


Our team at Genesis is fueled by enthusiasm, continuously seeking innovative ways to protect businesses from evolving cyber threats. We approach every challenge with a positive mindset and a passion for safeguarding our clients' sensitive information.


We are dedicated to eliminating third-party security concerns, allowing businesses to secure their data, operations, finances, IT systems, employee data, customer information, and other valuable resources. Our unwavering commitment ensures peace of mind for our clients.


At Genesis, we strive to redefine cybersecurity "Like Never Before." Through our best-in-class proactive security solutions, we leverage cutting-edge technologies and industry expertise to provide unparalleled protection for our clients.

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