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Platform Overview

Attack Surface Management

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Asset Discovery Asset Discovery

Uncovering exposed assets from all the corners of Internet which are sensitive for the business.


Asset Inventory Asset Inventory

Automatically inventory the assets comprehensively and have a clear view of everything you own.


Continuous Security Monitoring Continuous Security Monitoring

With our scanning engine running 24x7 don't miss any security changes and updates.


Attack Surface visibility Attack Surface visibility

Understand what attackers see from their Eyes and what are the possible areas to breach the organization.

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What can you do?

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1) Approach

Map Your Assets

Get a comprehensive visibility and inventory of your assets so that the unused/unmanaged assets can be removed from different kind of data source on internet.

2) Action

Reduce Attack Surface

From the vision of hacker see the attack surface and get actionable results about the issues existing in your attack Surface.

3) Vision

Monitor Security Posture

Have everything about your organizations security under one radar and keep getting the updates about ever-changing threat landscape.

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Genesis is being tested under its beta phase right now. We will notify you as soon as it's ready for you.

If you want to use Genesis then once it's ready, you can contact us at info@genesisplatform.co for more information about sign up.

Genesis can help your business with services like third-party risk management, attack surface management, and such.

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