What is Genesis Platform? Overview of the platform

Platform Overview
June 22, 2022
Syed Amoz


Genesis was started with one aim which is to help businesses predict breaches and manage security posture. CISOs and the security team face difficulty to explain the ROI of security investment to the board in metrics. Every security people around the globe knows the pain of explaining security to people who don’t understand it yet it’s important to tell. If somehow the security posture of the company can be measured in some way then a big problem can be solved. We are already solving the pain of the majority security people in the executive level by bringing cyber posture monitoring to the table.

Genesis Internet Wide scanning engines are live on internet now. This will gather all the Open source information and store the important data into a risk intelligence database to make it accessible faster than anyone. We hope with time and our teams innovation we will achieve the milestone of scanning million companies in the upcoming future.

What is Genesis Platform

Genesis is a cyber risk management platform that combines attack surface and third-party risk management into a single service with this tool you can Monitor your Security Posture, Map Your Assets and Reduce Attack surface which helps in preventing data breaches, discovering leaked information, discovering third-party data breaches and identifying possible vendor threats.

Use Cases

  • Attack Surface Management.- It's essential to have visibility over your attack surface which includes your port, IP, ASNs, Servers, clouds, and such. You can do all that with Genesis Platform. Not only this, but it also correlates security issues with the assets so you can have better exposure over your weak links.
  • Third-Party Risk Management - TPRM or Third-party risk management process, is now becoming essential for every business cyber security program and plan. Genesis platform can help in due diligence of third parties and also monitor and keep an eye on the changes in the security level.
  • Cyber Posture Monitoring- In simple words, understand and explain to the board about the security posture of a business. A security posture of a company can be distributed into different risks like DNS, Encryption, Brand, patching cadence, and such.


As a conclusion we are really excited to see how Genesis Platform is going to solve problems of many. We are building the team and expecting to bring people with value in the team. If you are a developer or security researcher then you can email your C.V at info@genesisplatform.co to know more about joining our startup

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