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Platform Overview

Cyber Posture

Explore Genesis platform capabilities


Non-intrusive Scan Non-intrusive Scan

Get information from Genesis without making noise or disrupting the network in the safes mode.


Risk Profiling Risk Profiling

Get the risk profile with the aligned intelligence and information gathered through the intelligence engine of Genesis Platforms.


Data Leak & Breach Detection Security Posture Scoring

Get the accurate breach & leak intelligence from multiple and authentic data sources.

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What can you do?

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Gather Intelligence from 100+ Sources

We gather Our Data from hundreds of public sources with the help of our data Collecting engine and reliable third-party sources to search you the most relevant information and provide you with a thorough Asset Inventory.

2) Action

Analyzing Historical Breaches and Leaks

Analyzing historical breaches and leaks can help in preventing similar threats in the future and improve the overall security and Cyber Posture of the organization and can Enhance Data Management of your business.

3) Vision

Proactively make security decisions

Proactive security decision-making is a more comprehensive approach to IT system security. It emphasizes prevention over detection and reaction. Proactive security entails enhancing the existing reactive measures and implementing new ones to complement them.

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Genesis is being tested under its beta phase right now. We will notify you as soon as it's ready for you.

If you want to use genesis then once its ready, you can contact us at info@genesisplatform.co for more information about sign up.

Genesis Can help your business with services like third-party risk management, attack surface management, and such.

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