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Third Party Risk Management

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External Attack Surface External Attack Surface

Scan every third-party in your business externally and check if they keep up with your organizational security standards or not.


Breach Detection Breach Detection

What if the third party you are dealing with has a bad history with breaches and leaks? Detect historical breaches with Genesis.


Security Posture Scoring Security Posture Scoring

Instantly get a third party's Overall and categorical risk score of their cybersecurity posture.


Vulnerability Detection Attack Surface visibility

Find if your vendor/supplier or any such third party is vulnerable to any critical CVE.

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Due Diligence

Due diligence process before any M&A or working with third party is important. All the features together can help to do a proper due diligence and help decide whether to sign anything or not.

2) Action

Monitor Third Party Security Posture

Keep a Continuous view on your vendors breaches, risks and change in security under one platform. Discover issues under DNS, Encryption, Human, Misconfigurations and such.

3) Vision

Prioritize Third Party Risk

Prioritize the most important vendors and risky vendor in your third party ecosystem. Share them remediation or eliminate them from the ecosystem.

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Genesis is being tested under its beta phase right now. We will notify you as soon as it's ready for you.

If you want to use genesis then once it's ready, you can contact us at info@genesisplatform.co for more information about sign up.

Genesis Can help your business with services like third-party risk management, attack surface management, and such.

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